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Content + Video Work.

From spearheading a business blog for artists to starring in a brand new YouTube series, content strategy combines my love of writing, content, and connecting with audiences.

Sprout Social: SEO-Driven YouTube Series

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The project: In addition to writing for the Sprout Social blog, I also helped lead the charge for a new educational video series, helping Sprout break into the video realm. The idea was to create SEO-driven videos, many based on blog posts, to give our audience multiple ways to consume content. 

The result: Besides flexing my on-camera skills, behind the camera I created a framework for our scripts and YouTube descriptions. In the first six months and after launching, the series accumulated over 8,000 views and over 600,000 impressions—and far more now.

Sprout Social: SEO-Driven Blog Articles

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The project: For years, my dream was to write for the Sprout blog (spoken like a true marketing nerd.) And starting in 2021, I finally got the chance to!

The result: I've had the opportunity to write blog articles about marketing topics ranging from social media predictions, to AI thought leadership, to SME-focused interview-based posts, high-level listening deep dives and more. From interviewing customers for case studies, to interviewing subject matter experts to lend their voice and perspective to articles, I've truly run the gamut of tech article types.

Threadless: Building the Creative Resources Blog and Strategy


The project: I was brought on at Threadless to help build, launch, populate, and create a content strategy for the Creative Resources blog—a go-to source for artists to find business and marketing tips.

The result: In 2016, in collaboration with our brand team we grew out readership by 88% using SEO tactics and an email newsletter created specifically for those interested in marketing and business tips for artists. I worked closely with our brand team to cross-promote new content on our social channels and in our email newsletter for Threadless. I took the blog from the three intro posts it started with and grew a content strategy that incorporated one blog post per week featuring expert interviews, case studies, tips specific to Threadless Artist Shops, new feature announcements, marketing and business tips, inspirational pieces and more.

Threadless: Managing and Writing Content for the Threadless Business Blog


The project: I managed and wrote content for the Threadless blog for 3.5 years. My work consisted of managing contributors, writing content, spearheading influencer outreach, featuring Artist Shop owners, challenge winners and more on a weekly basis. It was a perfect balance of featuring and celebrating artists, connecting with the Threadless audience through content, promoting new designs and features, and more.

The result: The Threadless Blog averaged around 22,527 monthly views in 2018, just to highlight a year, and was mentioned as an example of great business blogging in this article. I also wrote a blog post highlighting a new type of t-shirt , and the post alone made more than $1,000—see it here.

Adler Planetarium: Refreshing a Social Media Content Strategy


The project: Before I started at Adler Planetarium, they had been without a full-time social media manager for several months, and it showed on their channels. As Adler's content specialist, I kept/created content calendars to track Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin content, revamped their social bios to highlight that they are America's FIRST planetarium—something they previously weren't highlighting—and more.

The result: 

In under five months at Adler, I accomplished the following:

  • A 24.2% follower increase on Instagram (nearly 6,000 followers gained in five months)

  • Achieved their two most popular tweets of all time at the time* (*Pre-pandemic)

  • Increased Twitter engagements by 462.5% cmpoared to the previous months

  • Increased Instagram engagements by 29.9% compared to the previous months.

  • Identified that late-night posts worked well for their millennial audience.

  • Injected a more fun, playful, space-nerd voice into their channels

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