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My Blog Writing.

Writing blog content is where I first got my "big break" in the marketing world! Here are a few blog posts from the Threadless Blog, Creative Resources blog for Threadless Artist Shops, and for Shedd Aquarium: three resources that required three very different voices and content strategies under one umbrella. 

A few blog highlights: 

  •  With me in the driver's seat as the content manager, the Threadless Blog was mentioned as an example of great business blogging in this article.

  • The Threadless blog averaged 22,527 monthly views in 2018.

  • In 2016, I helped grow the new Threadless Creative Resources blog by 88% using SEO tactics, an email newsletter, and stellar content.

  • I grew the Threadless Creative Resources Blog, a marketing, business, and inspiration resource for artists, from the ground up.

"Our Tees Just Got More Awesome. Meet the Extra Soft Tee!"

For: the Threadless blog

This blog announcing the launch of new type of Threadless tee with super smooth fabric made more than $1,000.


"Happy Birthday, Threadless!"

For: the Threadless blog

A blog celebrating the 18th birthday of Threadless leveraged quotes from some of the brand's most influential artists and fun, celebratory copy.

"How to Tell Your Brand's Story"

For: the Threadless Creative Resources blog

A blog post meant to help artists take their art / Artist Shops and elevate them into a full brand.


"Designs We Wish Were Also B-Movies"

For: the Threadless blog

Creating content for the Threadless blog was a fine line between fun, sharable content and content that displayed buy-worthy designs. This is a great example of a piece that got the foot in the door with a fun topic while using designs we were selling as the visual piece.

"How to Use SEO to Get More Customers"

For: the Threadless Creative Resources blog

In addition to this blog serving a helpful SEO guide for artists building their online store, it was also designed with our own blog's SEO in mind. 


"The Culture Jamming Winner is a Real 'Thinker'"

For: the Threadless Blog

This is an example of weekly interview blogs I would organize for Threadless that featured the week's winning artist and did a deep dive into their process, style, and more.

"8 Habits Every Creative Should Have: an Illustrated Guide"

For: the Creative Resources blog

A fun way to illustrate (no pun intended...or was it?) the magic that can happen when a brand's designer, CEO, and content manager put their heads together!


"Find Your Typography Style with '36DaysOfType'"

For: the Threadless blog

Social media trends can (and should) influence blog content. In this case, I took a trending artist challenge, #36DaysOfType, and brought it to the blog to highlight a trend artists could jump on (while also highlighting our designer's incredible art!)

"Gift Art That Lifts & Inspires This Holiday Season"

For: the Threadless blog

Making promos and gift guides fun was always a seasonal challenge at Threadless, and one that I found incredibly fun.


"Your Five Biggest Questions About Sharks, Answered"

For: Shedd Aquarium's blog

On social, people are preferring video more and more. Leveraging one of our experts and questions submitted by Shedd's social audience, the goal here was to appeal to our readers in a new, audience-generated way.

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