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Threadless: blog writing

The work: At Threadless, I wrote fun, pun-filled, shorter blog posts for our main business blog. But I also co-created a brand new blog called Creative Resources where I wrote longer articles focused on helping artists get their work sold. 

The results: The Threadless blog averaged 22,527 monthly views in 2018, in 2016, I helped grow the new Threadless Creative Resources blog by 88% using SEO tactics, an email newsletter, and stellar content.

"Our Tees Just Got More Awesome. Meet the Extra Soft Tee!"

For: the Threadless blog

This blog announcing the launch of new type of Threadless tee with super smooth fabric made more than $1,000.


"Happy Birthday, Threadless!"

For: the Threadless blog

A blog celebrating the 18th birthday of Threadless leveraged quotes from some of the brand's most influential artists and fun, celebratory copy.

"How to Tell Your Brand's Story"

For: the Threadless Creative Resources blog

A blog post meant to help artists take their art / Artist Shops and elevate them into a full brand.


"Designs We Wish Were Also B-Movies"

For: the Threadless blog

Creating content for the Threadless blog was a fine line between fun, sharable content and content that displayed buy-worthy designs. This is a great example of a piece that got the foot in the door with a fun topic while using designs we were selling as the visual piece.

"How to Use SEO to Get More Customers"

For: the Threadless Creative Resources blog

In addition to this blog serving a helpful SEO guide for artists building their online store, it was also designed with our own blog's SEO in mind. 


"The Culture Jamming Winner is a Real 'Thinker'"

For: the Threadless Blog

This is an example of weekly interview blogs I would organize for Threadless that featured the week's winning artist and did a deep dive into their process, style, and more.

"8 Habits Every Creative Should Have: an Illustrated Guide"

For: the Creative Resources blog

A fun way to illustrate (no pun intended...or was it?) the magic that can happen when a brand's designer, CEO, and content manager put their heads together!


"Find Your Typography Style with '36DaysOfType'"

For: the Threadless blog

Social media trends can (and should) influence blog content. In this case, I took a trending artist challenge, #36DaysOfType, and brought it to the blog to highlight a trend artists could jump on (while also highlighting our designer's incredible art!)

"Gift Art That Lifts & Inspires This Holiday Season"

For: the Threadless blog

Making promos and gift guides fun was always a seasonal challenge at Threadless, and one that I found incredibly fun.

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