Here's my story. Now let's tell yours.

I am a Chicago-based content specialist by day, writer & artist by night. Spending so much time creating comics and stories as a kid has fueled my ability to tell brand stories as an adult. My experience in the marketing world has enabled me to serve up copy and stories that can be spicy, sweet, and unique with each iteration! I have been fortunate enough to work at the geek-famous e-commerce company as a content manager and am currently at my dream job at Chicago's Shedd Aquarium, where my coworkers are belugas, dolphins, and otters.


TL;DR—​a friend once told me, "You're writing the copy on my tombstone."


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A Few Places My Work Lives
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Brag-worthy Professional Achievements

- The blog I managed at Threadless was mentioned as an example of great business blogging right here .

- I have been a panelist at C2E2, Indy Pop Con, and a DePaul University class.

- This Threadless blog post alone made nearly $1K.

- I created a social media strategy for the Adler Planetarium that increased their Instagram following by over 24% and led to what are likely the Planetarium's most successful posts of all time, including this viral post (feat. in an official Twitter moment), this post, and this post


Fun Facts

- I love podcasts. Some favorites: RadioLab, Reply All, 99% Invisible, Lore...

- I accidentally went viral on my own TikTok: one of my videos has gotten 71.7K views and isn't slowing down...

- I create comics in my free time.

- I was once slimed at Nickelodeon Studios.


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