Adler Planetarium: Content Specialist

My Work: My first jump from e-commerce to institutions started at Chicago's Adler Planetarium—the first planetarium in America! As the Adler's content specialist, I kept/made content calendars for Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/Linkedin, monitored our social channels every day, created engaging stories to share the Adler's mission, and attended events to cover those stories in real time. In under five months at the Adler, I accomplished the following feats: 


- A 24.2% follower increase (nearly 6,000 followers gained)

- Started taking advantage of Instagram Stories, creating a tone and schedule for them for a 592.9% increase in story impressions 

- Increased our IG engagements by  29.9% as compared to the previous months

- Worked with the design team to create custom highlight covers based on Adler’s brand at the time


- Achieved two of the Adler's most popular (likely the most popular) posts of all time.

- Increased engagements by 462.5% as compared to the previous months


- Increased impressions by 248.1% as compared to the previous months

- Increased engagements by 58% as compared to the previous period.

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Screen Shot 2019-04-23 at 9.45.40 PM.png
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