Adler Planetarium: Content Specialist

My Work: I currently work at Chicago's Adler Planetarium—the first planetarium in America! It's a bit surreal working at a place where I used to go on field trips as a kid. As the Adler's content specialist, I am the master of the social media realm at Adler, keeping/making content calendars for Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/Linkedin, monitoring our social channels every day, creating engaging stories to share the Adler's mission, and attending events to cover those stories. In under five months at the Adler after starting, I have accomplished the following feats: 


- A 24.2% follower increase (nearly 6,000 followers gained)

- Started taking advantage of Instagram Stories, creating a tone and schedule for them for a 592.9% increase in story impressions 

- Increased our IG engagements by  29.9% as compared to the previous months


- Achieved two of the Adler's most popular (likely the most popular) posts of all time.

- Increased engagements by 462.5% as compared to the previous months


- Increased impressions by 248.1% as compared to the previous months

- Increased engagements by 58% as compared to the previous period.